An important rationale for her work relates to environmental and socio-political issues. As a resident of Ngunguru (Northland, New Zealand) she is very privileged to live so close to the stunning natural beauty of the Ngunguru Sandspit and other coastal gems. It’s been heartening that, thanks to the voices of the locals, these areas with their unique history, fauna and flora will now have a much better chance of being protected. However, she is at the same time mindful of the realities of other stakeholders, including developers and tourists and her art has its own sensitive way of honouring these different realities and attempt to convey a sense of impartiality.

A socio-psychological and humanistic rationale is her interest in the personal stories of people and how, on a deeper psychological level people tend to have more in common than they may want to admit. By zooming into mundane, everyday behaviours, she aims to create drawings and watercolours that reflect the different realities and dynamics, honour diversity, and at the same time reference some commonalities. Recently themes of non-social human behaviours have started to grip her attention.

She endeavours to facilitate contemplation of different realities and personalities and encourage reflection on the relationships between people and place. It may change the audience’s perceptions about themselves and their relations with others, resulting in new awareness of individual diversity and commonalities, tolerance and acceptance of different perspectives.

All artwork and content Copyright © Anneke Muijlwijk 2011