Art Practice

Her style has varied enormously over the years, reflecting the diversity of her tutors and life experiences. Apart from drawings and paintings, she has done sculptures, photography, film and printmaking. Some of her earlier and more traditional work has been very colourful, sometimes humorous and playful, sometimes sombre and spiritual.

In her current art practice, Anneke draws on knowledge she has gained in the fields of Human Geography, Town Planning and Social Sciences and as a consequence her art work has a more conceptual feel and is influenced by international contemporary art.

She is interested in relationships between people and place and the sentiments of a community which is facing change. In particular the place of home intimately connected to local, cultural, political and environmental issues is explored. Sometimes in complex arrangements of watercolours she aims to communicate the different realities and dynamics of the people engaged in local issues. These honour the diversity as well as depict commonalities amongst human behaviour of the "stakeholders" involved.

Frequently, the smaller watercolour drawings are being complemented with large scale drawings or paintings on paper or canvas. These larger works intend to give the viewer a real sense of being immersed.

The decision to create blank space within the images, and to ‘democratise’ the works somehow also indicates a particular awareness and sensitivity to the viewers approach to the works–it provides space for thinking, relating, editing; ways for the viewer to arrive at his or her own interpretations and readings, reinforcing the artwork as synthesis of individual realities and truths brought together by a particular circumstance.

"There is not one truth"

All artwork and content Copyright © Anneke Muijlwijk 2011